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Information for prospective students

LING currently offers the following study programmes:

  • Linguistics BA  (double curriculum degree only, taught in Czech)
  • Linguistics MA (double curriculum degree only, taught in Czech)
  • Linguistics PhD

General information for applicants.

Prospective PhD students:

Entrance exam – evaluation criteria:

  1. presentation of the dissertation project proposal (0-30 pts)
  2. applicant’s portfolio – publications and experience (0-15 pts)
  3. examination of applicant’s knowledge of subject-related literature (0-15 pts)

Five candidates with the highest score will be selected (threshold score is 30 pts).

Recommended length of the dissertation project is 3000-4000 words including references.

Prior to application, please contact the president of the subject area board, Jiří Nekvapil (jiri.nekvapil(at), and your prospective supervisor, in order to consult the proposed project.

Conditions for admission

Admission to Doctoral studies is conditioned by successful completion of a Master’s study programme.

Verification method: entrance exam
Date of entrance exam: TBA

Information about graduate employment

The General Linguistics Ph.D. graduate is able to analyse in detail the variable and constant elements of language structure and function, both synchronically and diachronically. They understand the structure of linguistic theories, the way in which they are related, and also the empirical method of confirming or refuting them. They have an insight into the pragmatic and social context of language communication. The graduate’s training has prepared them for employment at specialised scientific, research, development, and tertiary education institutions. They can work in all spheres of public life where language and language communication play an important role.


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