Luca Cilibrasi

Luca Cilibrasi, M.A., Ph.D.


position: lecturer


research foci: morphology, bilingualism, dyslexia, syntax


e-mail: luca.cilibrasi[at]


office hours: after prior appointment via e-mail


ORCID id: 0000-0001-8262-0542




PhD in Linguistics and Clinical Language Sciences (Reading, UK)
MA in Linguistics and Cognitive Studies (Siena, Italy, summa cum laude)
BA in Communication (Siena, Italy, summa cum laude)

Teaching experience

Lecturer, Facutlty of Arts, Charles University, Prague
Department of Lingusitics
Department of English Language and ELT methodology

Supervisor (Teaching Fellow), Faculty of English, University of Cambridge
Courses: Research Methods – Statistics (BA), Phonology and Morphology (BA)

Lecturer, Universidade Nova De Lisboa, July 2017 (15hrs intensive course)
Course: Language development in monolingual and bilingual children (MA & PhD)

Lecturer, Department of English Language and ELT methodology, Charles University in Prague, academic year 2015/2016
Courses: Psycholinguistics (MA), Language Acquisition (MA)

Teaching Assistant, Department of Clinical Language Sciences, University of Reading, 2012-2015
Courses: Grammar and meaning, Foundations of Syntax, Developmental Psychology, Statistics

Teaching Fellow, Harvard University – 2 months Summer Program in Trento, Italy, Summer 2015 & summer 2016.
Course: Mind-brain sciences (BSc)

Teaching Assistant, Department of French and Italian, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Autumn 2011
Course: Italian 101

Projects and grants

2018: [as PI] PRIMUS grant, Charles University, ca 2 Million CZK
2016: [as PI] Psycholinguistics Research Grant, De Vincenzi Foundation, ca 50000€
2013: Travel Bursary, Donor Study and Travel Fund, 370£
2013: Travel Bursary, British Association of Clinical Linguistics, 200£
2012: Research studentship, University of Reading, ca 48000£ (over 3 years)
2011: Teaching assistantship, University of Wisconsin Madison, 4800$
2011: Summer School Studentship, Harvard University, 1500$ + living expenses (ca 3000$)
2010: Research Assistantship, University of Siena, 1200€


Dr Cilibrasi’s publications may be found on his Google Scholar profile page.

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